Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sad Spring Break is Over and Freebie

I am so sad!  I have been on Spring Break and it is time to go back to school in the morning.   I have been trying to complete my lesson plans, but I like reading blogs instead.  I guess since it is 10 p.m., I need to get my plans done if I plan on getting to bed soon.

Before I go, I have listed a freebie at my TpT store.  I am revamping some old things I have in my room and made these for next year.  Click below on the picture to download it.

For those of you returning to the classroom from Spring Break and for those of you who are beginning your Spring Break...have a GREAT week! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break and So Much To Do

Here it is, Thursday night, and I am wondering where this week has gone.  You see, I'm on Spring Break and I really wish it would slow down.  I have a long "To Do" list and I have only crossed two things off of it.  I guess it really doesn't matter...I have spent a lot of time with my little son this week.  We have went to the zoo, shopping, played putt-putt, etc.  We have had to keep ourselves busy because this is the first time we have not had my oldest son home (he is away at college and was home a few weeks ago for his Spring Break) and my hubby works a rotating shift and is on night shift this week.

This is my little son on the left and my youngest nephew on the right.  We loved the zoo!

For those of you that purchase my 1st Grade Treasures Reading Units, I have finished Unit 6 and now I am going to go back and work on Unit 1-3.  I will have those done hopefully by the end of the school year, that way you can maybe get a few ready for the new year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Linky Party

Here is a way to find new blogs Kindergarten through 2nd Grade!!! Click here.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thanks for the Awards

Over the past few weeks I have have been awarded some awards that I need to acknowledge.

Chrissy, over at First Grade Found Me, and Mrs. Tolbert over at Daisy Days For Learning; and, Courtney over at 2nd Grade Snapshots awarded me . . .

Thank you ladies.  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Helping Tornado Stricken Teachers

Crystal over at Kreative in Kinder is organizing assistance for the teachers in need due to the devastating tornadoes that caused widespread destruction across 5 different states.  Head on over to her site to see how you can pitch in and help. I cannot even imagine what they are going through, but I know we all have treasures in our closets and other ways we can help our fellow teachers.

Thanks Crystal for organizing this.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Writing Paper Freebie

Life seems so busy all the time.  My oldest has been home this weekend, off on his Spring Break, and I have enjoyed having him at home.  He will go back on Sunday and it will be an adjustment again.  I had my last observation last week, so I took today off to spend with the family.  It was a much needed day off.  My year has been a rough one.

I have promised a freebie for the past few weeks, so here is some writing paper to use during this month.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!