Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Last week I had three meetings, parent conferences, Pumpkin Book Reports were due, and we had a PTA sponsored Karaoke and Cookout.  This week I have a meeting, an event called Reach Them to Teach Them (Ron Clark is the motivational speaker), Halloween, and one parent teacher conference for a parent that could not come last week.  I also have to plan our school wide Math Night that is scheduled for the end of November.  I know what we are going to do, but need to get everything organized and ordered this week.


Here is a picture from our Bat unit two weeks ago.  We really loved this unit!

Now here are some pictures of our Pumpkin Book Reports

Now, let me add some pictures of our staff doing Karaoke.  It was a great night and enjoyed by all!

 Our 1st Grade Teachers singing These Boots Are Made For Walking
 Our Pre-K Teachers singing YMCA - this was hilarious!
 Now, this was great for everyone.  This is our current principal on the right and our former principal on the left.  It was great that he came out and joined us for our event.  All of the kids loved seeing him.

I have been trying to lesson plan off and on all weekend.  I'm not too motivated, lol.  The skills that I have to cover this week are:  making inferences, synonyms, contractions, possessive nouns, and long i spelled with y, igh, ie.  I want to use the wonderful Mystery Box, make Synonym Rolls, the Candy Corn Bandit, and have a Contraction Surgery.  I hope I have enough energy to do all these activities this week on top of the kids' excitement about Halloween.  

I hope everyone has a great week!