Thursday, January 12, 2012

This was the first week back to school since Christmas Break and I am exhausted!  It has been a very bumpy week for me - I am hoping that it is better next week.  The forecast is calling for some snow tonight, so I hope I have an extra day off tomorrow.

We have been working on r-controlled vowels this week and here is the fun we had...first we read the story from Babbling Abby and her Aargh unit.  We had a word hunt and placed the words we found on our treasure map.  Then the kids made a pirate that they LOVED!  Here are some pictures.

I seen this book over on Soaring Through Second Grade and had to get it.  I have had a lot of problems this year with tattling and I am willing to try anything to stop it.

I read it to the class today and they thought it was great.  I highly recommend this book because it talks about the types of tattling and when you should tattle and when you shouldn't.
I hope you have a great Friday!  I am hoping to post some freebies this weekend.  Be on the watch for them.

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Sandy said...

Thanks for the great pirate ideas! :) I hope you get a snow day tomorrow!!! Happy Friday!