Monday, September 23, 2013

Nouns and Math Facts Freebies

It has definitely been Monday.  I began getting a cold on Thursday night, but was hoping it would be gone over the weekend.  I was wrong!  I woke up this morning feel really rough and wanted to just crawl back in bed.  I drug myself up to get ready because I knew my kiddos had to take the Reading portion of their Discovery Ed test.  We take the Math portion tomorrow and with the way I am feeling now, I am sure I will feel pretty rough in the morning also. 

After the test today, we did several activities learning about nouns.  My kiddos watched the BrainPop, Jr. video on nouns, I read a cute book about nouns, we listed all the nouns we could name (or that we had room for on our chart), and then I gave the kiddos 4 post-it notes and had them label each one “person”, “place”, “thing”, and “animal.”  Then they had to write an example, illustrate the example, and place it on the poster that it matched.  The kiddos loved doing this and love seeing each other’s examples hanging up.

I found this idea over at The Bubbly Blonde.  Check her out here.
Does your district stress the importance of kiddos knowing their basic math facts?  If so, below are two freebies.  One is basic addition facts and the other is basic subtraction facts.  Enjoy!

 I hope everyone has a great week.  We have a four day week and then an Inservice Day on Friday full of training.  Sometimes I think I would rather be teaching my kiddos instead of sitting through wonderful training that we all hate enjoy so much. 

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