Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where have I been?

Here it is, nearing the end of June, and I am looking back wondering where has the time gone?  I have not blogged in almost two years. 😔

So much has happened in my life and I pretty much gave up on everything.  My divorce was finalized, which took over two years to getbut during that time I had fell head over heals in love with a old high school sweetheart.  He had a massive heart attack 16 months ago and I just gave up.  I didn’t care about anything. If it had not been for my two sons, I would have not made it.

I’ve spent the past few weeks looking back, trying to see what is important to me and what I need to do to get back on track.  I am hoping to start blogging again on a regular basis and sharing things that are going on with my upcoming class.  I am also hoping to start creating things for TpT again.  It is time to find happiness again!

Thanks for listening and understanding!  Hope your summer is going great!


Amanda said...

I am totally in the same boat right now! I've been away 4-5 years and just a few days ago decided to try it out again. I'm changing to a new position so I think that this is where my inspiration stemmed from. I hope you are able to get back to it! Enjoy the rest of summer :)

Mischief Managed

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