Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet Ben Franklin

I have uploaded the 1st Grade Treasures Unit 4, Week 4 (Meet Ben Franklin) to TpT.  Below are a few pictures from the unit.  If you would like to purchase it, click on the first picture.

I do not get out for Christmas Break until Thursday, which is a half-day for us.  The kids have been really wild and I am REALLY dreading this week!  I have a lot of things planned because we do not have a story in reading this week.  I am planning on doing Gingerbread activities and stories on Monday, having Grinch Day in my room on Tuesday, and reading Polar Express and doing activities with it on Wednesday.  Our class party is Wednesday afternoon.  On Thursday, the students get to wear their pajamas to school and we will be watching Polar Express.

I am ready for a BREAK!  This year has been really difficult...

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off!  I plan on working on some freebies on my break - so be on the look out!

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