Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Needing Your Help and Advice

Okay friends...I am in need of some help from all you creative teachers!  Within the next two weeks I know that my unannounced observation is going to happen.  I know this because there are only two of us left and our principal plans to be done with them before Spring Break. 

We use the enVisions math series and I begin Measurement on Thursday.  I looked on TpT and did not see any cute measurement units (if I over looked one that you have used, please tell me).  Can anyone give me some cute/fun ideas for this unit?  I really appreciate your advice!



Tara said...

I just finished up measurement last week... but I couldn't find any cute stuff either, but what I always do is more hands on stuff, which my principals loves, but since we measure using different "tools" i have them measure the carpet using tools around the classroom, the favorite one being their feet. Then we graph to see the different sizes and amounts... it is a fun way to show how "feet" came into use! I know it isn't "cute," but my kids did enjoy it! Good luck!

Holly said...

I teach first grade - so I'm probably no help. We still use nonstandard units. We measured different objects around the room using popsicle sticks, then measured the same objects using unifix cubes. Another day we measured a jumprope using my feet {we guessed then measured for everything} then several kids' feet. Yet another way to drive home the concept of the smaller the unit the more you'll need to measure...{which eventually transfers to standard units...cm, inches,etc.}

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Miss S. said...

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Did you try pinterest for measurement ideas?
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